Famous Bands from Newcastle

Music background of the local area is always important and here at Piano Lessons Newcastle it is no different.

We have researched and read about some of the famous solo artists and musicians who were born, lived in or passed through Newcastle for studies, details of which are available for you to read should you be interested in finding out about your local musicians.

Andy Taylor (Duran Duran)

Andy Taylor is a former singer and songwriter as well as guitarist, known best for making up a part of big rock bands in Duran Duran and The Power Station. Duran Duran were extremely successful in the 80s selling an estimated 120 million records worldwide till now. The band have recorded 13 studio albums so far since their debut album the self titles Duran, Duran reached number 3 on the UK album charts. Andy Taylor also pursued a solo career though not as remembered as his time with Duran, Duran.

The other band Andy Taylor was a part of The Power Station was also successful a kind of half English and half American super band their first album reached number 6 on the US album billboards. The 4 albums released By Power Station doesn't quite match the 13 released by Duran, Duran and nor the success achieved by them. Andy Taylor was born and raised in Tyne and Wear, he always had a connection with playing the guitar having allegedly started playing at 11 years old then going on to play in bands soon after.

Below you can listen to a solo song by Andy Taylor called "Don't Let me Dire Young"

Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music)

Bryan Ferry's fame came from the success he had with Rock and pop band Roxy Music and his association with music giant Brian Eno. Roxy Music released 3 number albums at their peak as well as a respectable number of top 10 hits in the UK charts. Bryan Ferry was the lead vocalist and main songwriter for Roxy Music so much of the success they achieved was because of the songs he was able to write. He is often regarded as a great songwriter and his record sales show that with his album sales exceeding 30million by estimate.

He was in Newcastle for his studies in mid till the late 60s going through a fine art course. He held some ordinary jobs and moved around particularly to London where he set up a band and pursued his music career from there. In recent years he has caused some controversy by the comments he made during an interview about Nazi Germany resulting in a major backlash and him being dropped from a Marks and Spencer's deal to model their clothing range. His latest album Avonmore was released in November 2014.

Here you will find the video for Slave to Love a solo song by Bryan Ferry.

The Wildhearts

This hard rock and melodic pop band originate from Newcastle having first got together there. Wildhearts have had their fair share of difficulties with record labels throughout their time together and it is said this had a major effect on the band's progress. They are certainly not as famous or as big as some of the rock or music giants that we have seen but they have still had some chart success despite their record label problems and internal matters such as drugs use and depression.

The 2nd album released by the band in 1995 called "P.H.U.Q" reached the top ten on the UK album charts and their other successes include a few hit singles which managed to reach the top 20 in the UK singles chart. Other problems included lack of consistency with members being replaced left right and centre which didn't help the band's morale and dynamics. The only constant person in the band's history is their founder known as "Ginger" others have come and gone. With so many problems it makes you wonder if they didn't exist just where would the band be today in the history books?

Below is the video to the song "Sick of Drugs" by The Wildhearts.

Jimmy Nail

Jimmy Nail was born in Newcastle in the year 1954 and then went on to become a multi-talented person in the entertainment business. There is not much he hasn't tried his hands in as far as entertainment is concerned, he is a songwriter, guitarist and singer mainly working across the genres of pop-rock and rock and roll as well as a TV personality and screenwriter known best for his roles in TV series Auf Wiedersehen (Leonard Osborne) and Pet.

His most notable song is the hit song that reached to number 1 on the UK charts called "Ain't No Doubt". Being from the area it makes sense that he is a Newcastle Football Club supporter and to this he has 7 studio albums released as a solo artist, the last of which came out in April 2001.

Below is Jimmy Nail's hit song "Ain't No Doubt"

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